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My Thoughts On The Series Finale of LOST

LOSTMy wife and I have been watching LOST for years and, as it came to the final season, we were more than excited to see what it was all about.

To be honest, it’s hard to know if the series finale was satisfying or not. It was in some aspects, but left a lot of unanswered questions. Then again, how could they have answered them all?

I was very satisfied with how they ended the show and I kind of get it. I guess I’ve always kind of got it this season, but for some reason, I want more answers. I want it all spelled out for me.

Here is my take on it all.

The Island was purgatory. That place where some go when they die that is in-between heaven and hell. They then had to figure out themselves before they could move on. Plus, the candidates could only move on as a group. They needed each other, and the love they found on the island, before they could truly be happy and enter the light.

If I knew the bible more, I could probably tell you more. It was a religious story, even if we didn’t realize it. Good vs Bad. God vs Devil. Heaven vs Hell.

It’s not clear when who dies or if anyone survived Oceanic flight 815 but they would have had to. I think that the survivors were the Oceanic 6, but I’m not sure.

I also still don’t know why the island moved in time, what Charles Widmore had to do with it, why Desmond was so special, if purgatory still exists or what happened to it, who Richard Alpert was, what the numbers meant, what the dog had to do with it, and so many other questions.

It’s things like that don’t make sense. There are hundreds of unanswered questions, but yet seeing Hurley & Libby, Sawyer & Juliet, Charlie & Clair and so many more re-united at the end made for a very good ending.

I think that as the days go on, and I read other peoples takes on LOST, that more pieces will start to fall into place.

And, chances are, we may just re-watch the whole series some day.

What’s your take on LOST?

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  1. Donut says:

    i interpreted it the way many others did. which was that everything that took place on the island was real. the flashbacks they showed in this final season was the place between death and heaven.
    that Jack was the central character and when he dies, we then see him go through the motions of being in this place before getting to heaven. that all the other characters that left the plane with Frank, all lived out their lives and eventually died of old age or what have you.

    for me it was satisfying to the point where at least we get to see all of the main characters together moving on to be at peace. but it was just lazy. it was a weak sappy cliche of an ending to where it was almost insulting.
    they answered none of the many many questions and mystical elements that they established throughout the series. and like you i want it all explained to me so that it makes sense and then appears to be this big grand design. but it wasnt. it was half-assed .

  2. Dan R says:

    I think you have it backwards. The “real life” was purgatory… the island was real. Christians explanation said as much. When Desmond helped them remember, he did so by connecting certain people. Without that connection — or reconnection — those people could not “move on”.

    The finale left more questions than it answered, and I personally felt the writers gave up and went with an obvious — and boring — conclusion.


  3. Thomas says:

    Wow, thanks Dan and Donut. You may just be right and I never though of the “real life’ as the purgatory but it makes sense what you are saying.

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