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Zales : Jewelry Store – Bad Service

Let me just say that every store is different and this may not be true about yours but the Zales in the Ridgedale Mall (Minneapolis) is not a good Zales to go to. Why?

1) We bought my wedding ring there. They said they’d get my size, send it in and call me when it was in. They never called. We got tired of waiting and we went and sure enough it was there.
2) We got the extended warranty. However they failed to put that in the computer. Sure we paid for it but according to their system we didn’t buy it. So went we went to get it resized a second time they told us it would cost. We took in the receipt and they added our warranty to the account, finally, and won’t charge us to resize it.
3) While waiting for the ring to come back after it’s second resizing we got no word of what was going on. After two weeks I went in to get it figuring it would be there and it wasn’t. They said the store manager would figure out what was up and call me the next day. They did. They said that they would have to cut the ring and it might leave a line. They wanted to make sure that was OK with me before they did it. I stated that we agreed to all that the day we brought it in. But, since the clerk didn’t put that in the computer, they had to hear it from me again. Ahhh My main issue here is the fact that that was all they were waiting for and they never called me?! I waited two weeks and they did nothing?! How stupid.

Of course they are all apologetic but give me a break. These seem like really minor issues and Zales doesn’t even have a handle on them. I won’t be doing any future business at that particular Zales jewelry store as the service is horrible.


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  1. sandra says:

    yeah, we shopped at the zales in san antonio, texas. while
    we were buying our wedding set, everything is great and wonderful, when we returned to get insurance on the ring because a diamond had already fallen off, the sales lady almost slapped us with the application out of the store. no explanation or anything, when i asked for the price of a wedding band she said she would call me with the price, im still waiting a few wks later?? good service huh. the sales lady told me to call the 1-800 # on the statement to sign on, when i called the # the person on the line said that the insurance should have been explained and sign on at the
    store, i was very upset because i havent had the ring for a
    year i already lost a diamond, plus drove 2 1/2 hrs to take
    the ring in, and i could have signed for the insurance right there and then but was informed of this now, she just
    dindnt want to deal w us. i called the manager to inform him of this situation he stated that he enfisized on excellent customer service, he said that he would take care
    of it himself and that i would be faxed the insurance form
    within 2 hrs guess what, it took another call from me to get anything faxed and he didnt even fax it, it was faxed by another sales lady, because guess what he left on a family emergency. and thats the manager, what do you expect
    from the associates

  2. Shannon says:

    My boyfriend bought my engagement ring on Dec 10th 2005, within the first 3 weeks a stone popped out. We brought the ring back, (the sales guy was an unpleasant ass), we exchanged it for another(it was still within the 30 days). However, once again wihin a couple of weeks a FEW stones came loose. This ime we “sent it in for repair”. It took “10 days”. I’ve had the ring back a week and the stones are all loose AGAIN!! I don’t think they ever sent it to repair, I think they just pressed the stones in, and gave it back. They have ruined what was supposed to be something very special. Now it’s past the return time and I’m stuck with a very expensive , FLAWED, ring (that spends more time in a box then on my finger!!). Don’t buy ANYTHING from them!! They are terrible. I’m going in once again today to deal with them, and will probably be in need of an attorney to help get the issue resolved!!! PLEASE DON’T PUT YOURSELVES THROUGH THIS ORDEAL WITH THIS COMPANY-THE PRODUCTS THEY OFFER MAY LOOK LOVELY, BUT THEY ARE PIECES OF CRAP!!

    • Kenisha says:

      Yes they do send them out for repair there is no way possible that you can press the stones back in and give them back to you.

  3. DP says:

    I worked at Zales while I was in college. I thought that it would be nice to stay there and get the discount when I got engaged so I stayed there for 3 years. My boyfriend had decided to let me pick out the ring and I chose an emerald cut. We got a pretty good deal and all and all it ended up being around $5,000 even with the discount. We didn’t get to see the ring until after we paid for it becuase it had to be shipped in from another store. My manager told me that if I wasn’t happy with the diamond that came in I could have another sent in until I was satisfied. I had three sent in and none of them looked good, one was yellow, one had 2 big flaws, and one was cut really bad. I decided to go with a round instead becuase I didn’t have any luck with the emerald cut. We returned the emerald cut ( that we never physically had in the first place) and we were going to purchase a round when I found the one that I wanted. I came into the store a couple days later to pick up a pay stub and discovered that the staff had put the emerald cut diamond back on my boyfriend’s card. I called him and he was not happy (rightfully so), he called the store and told the girl that was working to take he charge off of his card ($5,000!!). She said she did and I came back and checked a couple days later and it had not been done. I called the corporate office and complained, the regional manager called my boyfriend and apologized then tried to get him to exchange it over the phone instead of returning it. The nerve! My boyfriend said, “no, we will buy something when we find what we want. Why should we be paying for something that we don’t even have.” The charge was finally taken off but I found out that it was the regional manager who instructed the sales girls to do it in the first place. All of this unethical behavior just so that the store manager and regioanl manager could make bonus.

  4. Shelia says:

    I purchased a $4,000 ring in December at the Zales outlet store in Round Rock, TX and was told that it could be re-sized. I don’t know if anyone is aware of this or not but at this store there are NO REFUNDS!!! One week later I took the ring in and was then told that it would have to be totally re-made as having it sized would cause looose stones and that having the ring re-made could take up to six weeks. Ok, dummy me agreed to have the rind re-made as I did not want to make countless trips to the store to have the stones replaced all the time. Well we are now going on week #9 and still no ring. I also purchased the insurance/warranty but it is no good to me because I don’t have the ring!! I called the Zales store on week 6 and again on week 8 so today I am going to may an appearance at the store to see what load of crap they hand me this time. If I don’t get a definite answer today I am calling their corporate office, filing a complaint with the BBB and writing to KVUE On Your Side to see if they are interested in doing a consumer report. I think I have been more than patient. So for Anyone out there thinking of making a purchase from this store get all the facts before you pay and sign their No Return Statement!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. CA says:

    My boyfriend bought me a promise ring from the zales outlet store in destin, fl. I think he bought it before thanksgiving 2006, and i recieved it 2 days before christmas. When i first got it i knew it had to be sent back because it was too big and he didnt know my ring size. So we went into the store and they told us that they couldnt size it down to a 4.75 because of the diamonds down the sides. So we sent it in to be special ordered, and it took 6 wks. When i got it back i noticed one of the smaller diamonds on the size was squished into the metal and looked crushed or missing and the metal on one size looked dented.Try #1… So we sent it back to be fixed and they told us they would order another one, but when i got it back, it still had the crushed diamond, and it looked like someone had tried to fill in the metal with stearling silver, and the ring was white gold. So i went in and asked why they hadnt ordered me a new ring since this one was obviously messed up to an unrepairable point and they said because they couldnt find out what was wrong with it…. (uhh hellloooo!!) (Id been dealing through a Zales store in town by now) Try #2.. they ordered a new one and i got it back but it was a size too big and the diamond fell out within a week of me putting it on my finger… Try #3.. i decided to try to order it one more time in my size and see if they couldnt get it right. I drove to the Zales outlet store 3 hours away to pick it up….When i got it back, i was semi-happy, it still a little big and the diamond was in place. Then about 3 days later, it fell out again.Try #4… so i go to the store… pissed this time, and demanded that they do it fast and right. So it takes about 3 wks and i go to pick it up and about 12 hours later, i notice the SAME EXACT DIAMOND fell out… once again… So i still have the ring as im sitting here, because i dont feel like dealing with it, but we demanded a refund, and they said yes, so as soon as i decide what i want to do, they will give him his money back, or let me do an exchange. About 6 months later…. Zales outlet sucks.

  6. SV says:

    DP, First an emerald cut diamond is all ways a better clarity and color, due to the flat table. I find it hard to believe there were visable inclusions in the one you had brought in from another store. Second, it is not possible for a sales person to put a charge your boyfriends card,
    each reciept must be signed in the store, and unless they had his card number, exp date and security code on the back, there is no way that happened. As an employee you are the one that was getting the employee discount and it should have been charged on your account, not his.

    • Kenisha says:

      Thank u SV someone with the smarts about diamonds for once I have yet to see an emerald cut diamond that looks horrible! and as a Zales employee you should of gotten fired for all these things and no they dont only care about their bonuses.

  7. Liz says:

    My experience with Zales had tarnished what is supposed to be a very special once in a lifetime experience. I didn’t even get a proposal because it is now 5 months from when my boyfriend ordered the engagement ring and he finally had to tell me what was happening. Our experience is with the store in Rapid City, SD. I could write a novel about the lies the we’ve been told and bad customer service, but basically:
    1. Promised by the manager a size 7 could easily be sized to a 4…lie.
    2. Had to special order the ring; shouldn’ve taken 4-6 weeks. Was apparently shipped to wrong store and sold. Probably another lie.
    3. Regional Managers do not call back.
    4. 2nd time the ring was ordered were told their store was moving so couldn’t get it for another month or so.
    5. Threatened them with giving us a refund and suddenly they could get the ring in time and at a discount.
    6. Ring arrives after 5 months and center stone has a black inclusion that looks like a piece of pepper.
    7. Manager attempts to pass off a yellow stone which I refused to accept. So, she promises to try to order another one from another store.
    8. I call back another week later and was told she went on vacation and no one knows the situation.

    What Zales has done to us is indefensible. We feel stupid for letting it go on for this long, but we keep thinking it will be worth it. Now after reading all of these complaints online I’m thinking we should not buy this ring and save ouselves the heartache of having the stones fall out!!! I think I’m gonna cry… DO NOT DEAL WITH ZALES.

  8. Tony T says:

    I dont have a problem with the local store I bought an engagement ring at but I sure have a problem with Zales Credit. Every month there are some trumped up charges either insurance or $9.95 fee for filling out the app. Everytime I try to contact them someone puts me through to Citibank who handles their accounts. Citibank can’t remove the charges only Zales can. But they conveniently can never be reached or as I said Im put on hold and transferred to Citibank. Their email address for the insurance division that I was given isnt even good. Ive had it with them and will never ever buy from Zales again.

    • Kenisha says:

      Citibank is the only one that can remove the charges because Zales does not put them on the card for you. It may be a Zales card but citibank handles all of the charges.

  9. sad bride says:

    I am not happy with the Zales store in Olympia, Wa. My fiance bought me a diamond ring there and he was not told or shown that the diamond has what feels like a crack on the side. I did not notice it but felt it one day with my finger nail. We took back the ring and were told that this flaw was part of the rating of the ring. -How would he know this if not shown it when he bought it? He payed a lot for this ring 6k. I feel like he was ripped off. We will never shop there again.

  10. Disgruntled Customer says:

    I wish I had seen this blog 9 years ago. My husband bought my ring from Zale’s in Baybrook Mall, which is in Houston, Texas. I absolutely loved it, but there was a problem. A few weeks after we got engaged, a diamond fell out. I took it in and it was sent off with a promise that we would be called when it came in. We never received a phone call. I called them on the promise date that was on my claim ticket. It was there and I picked it up and mentioned that a phone call would have been nice. The next year, another diamond fell out, and the year after that, and the year after that and so on. The final clincher is that on Oct. 6, 2007, I took my ring in to have it repaired, because another diamond fell out. The promise date was November 15, 2007. My husband and I started calling on this date, because we knew they wouldn’t be calling us. The ring was not there. We kept calling and there was no ring. We finally decided to go in to see the manager. The manager told us that she would put a paper trail on the ring to see what happened to it. It is now January 17, 2008, and I still don’t have my ring. They can’t find it. They don’t know what happened to it. The response I got was that it got lost somewhere. I think it got lost on someone else’s finger. It is the most beautiful ring you’d ever want to see. I received so many compliments on it daily. Now I’m without it. We did ask for a refund and were told that we would be getting one. In the meantime, I have a bare finger. I am planning to go to our local news station to see if they would like to do an investigation. This will give Zale’s all of the negative publicity they need. My ring is a 3 Karat beautiful piece of work. The manufacturer doesn’t make it anymore. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I wish everyone could read this blog before they shop at Zale’s. I saw it because I was looking for the address to their Corporate Office. Our weekends are now filled with looking for a replacement ring, but that ring won’t have the same sentimental value that my original ring had. DO NOT SHOP AT ZALE’S!!!!!!!

  11. Please Read Everyone says:

    I’m writing this comment not because I’m defending Zales in anyway but after I read all of the complaints on here…. here is what I have to say.
    1. first of all, not matter where you shop from whether its at Zales, Kays, etc. you are going to have problems with diamonds coming out because most retail jewelry stores use similar vendors …. the problem occurs when the customer who is wearing it is either not very careful. However that is why you purchase a warranty…. because you never know whats going to happen in life.
    2. Everyone should read this part….
    If you have a ring sized…. you are putting stress or tension on those diamonds (especially when the diamonds are channel set)when sizing so of course you are gonna have diamonds falling out. Thats why the salespeople recommend that you have the ring special ordered… but then people get all upset when a ring has to be properly made to your finger size. When the rings are special ordered, the rings are made in that size and then they set the diamonds so there is no stress put on the diamond.From my experience, special orders normally take 6-8 weeks… from what ive been told … some of the vendors maybe overseas and thats why sometimes it takes longer.
    3. I agree that its a big disappointment when the manager or salesperson doesnt call back…. thats a huge problem and potentially could cause the loss of that sale…so for all of those salespeople out there… DO YOUR JOBS!!! (especially when it comes to checking up on special orders and update your customer about their order because that keeps the customer informed and they dont feel like someone forgot about them.

    So to really sum all this up…. be a smart shopper, do your homework first… if you need to have a ring sized to a 4 from a 7…. chances are you have to get something special ordered which takes time… be patient but also try to understand the circumstances too.
    I know you are really excited about getting your dream ring but if you want it to last forever….you want to make sure everything is done correctly so that it will last forever…. and also dont forget to have it inspected every 6 months so that you dont have possible problems in the future.

  12. Melinda says:

    I am definitely having issues with the Kay’s at Rolling Oaks mall in San antonio Tx. My mom brought her wedding ring of 40 yrs ago into get repolished or dipped or whatever takes out the scratches, they told her it would be $30. Very reasonable, OUTSTANDING!!! The lady that was doing the paperwork, told her it was a beautiful ring, and asked if she knew what it was worth? My mom told her no, that it was priceless to her since my deceased father gave it to her and she had not had it appraised. After looking in the scope or whatever, she asked if $900 sounded fair. My mom said, that was fine. Mom signed the ring over to them or whatever and left. They called the day before it was supposed to be back and said that the ring was back but that the place didn’t do a good job, they were going to send it back and have it redone. (left a message). Then the next day, she recieves a message from the lady that she gave the “beautiful” ring to and she says “Ma’am, you can come and pick up your ring, as it turns out your diamond is not real and no work was done on it”. My mom promptly calls the store manager and he said that the lady that appraised the ring is new and didn’t know it wasn’t a real diamond looking in the scope….okay is that even POSSIBLE??? She needed to come and get her ring. It was a diamond when it went in, and now they want her to go and pick up her ring that is no longer a diamond. My mom is of course terribly upset b/c that was her wedding ring diamond that could NEVER be replaced. I think they are liable and I will be up raising hell tomorrow. I am wearing a $1800 ring on my finger from them right now, thank god the diamonds haven’t fell out yet but I”ll make sure my warranty never goes bad after hearing these stories!!! Hopefully tomorrow, I can get this issue resolved and my mom another diamond at the VERY least…and maybe that ladies JOB!!

  13. DP says:

    In regards to your post to me:

    So which Zales do you work at? Unfortunately my story is true.

  14. DP says:


    In regards to the message about my post:

    My post is true. Do I know you or something? You sound like you are personally offended by what I have to say. Just because a diamond is an emerald cut, doesn’t mean it is necessarily going to have excellent color and clarity. Because it is an emerald cut you are able to see flaws easier than you would in a round for example. That particular ring ended up going to clearance, must have been exceptional huh!? And as for putting the charges on my boyfriend’s card, they post-voided the return as soon as I left the store (which means it cancelled the return). I’m not blaming the sales people; they were just listening to management. Unethical things tend to happen when your boss is stealing from the corporation and doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

  15. Meg says:

    I wish I had seen this blog about two years ago…before I sent my best-friend with my husband to pick out my engagement ring!
    The week after I got engaged, a diamond fell out, before it even got sized. I took it in, got it fixed and sized, and the same day I got the ring ANOTHER one fell out! I couldn’t believe it! I brought it back, seriously upset, and got a date of 7 working days to get it fixed. I was engaged for a month before i had a ring on my finger!
    One month later, another diamond fell out, and this time they replaced the whole set, but had to send it out to get resized…7 more working days with no ring! Got the ring back….three months later yet another one…7 more days! I called cooperate, but nothing really happened….just an apology…It isn’t like I live next to the takes me 20 minutes to get there and back! All that gas I wasted could have gotten me another ring! Anyway, a two weeks ago another diamond fell out and I took it back. They assured me that it would be fixed and back to normal in 5 days, but when I went to pick it up the whole setting was messed up, the prongs were to big and bent. I, of course, sent it back, after arguing with the rude sales lady about how it is messed up, and I will not accept a flawed ring. So 7 working days later I go to pick it up, and the diamond that fell out is in the setting, but it is bent, and the prongs are bent, my ring was ugly, horrible in fact! When I told the manager about it, he said that he would exchange it, but they didn’t carry my size, so he would have to take 3-7 working days to have it sized. I opted for this option, after telling him horrible I thought their product, and customer service was. He then proceded to take a 20 minute personal call on his cell phone before getting back to me with my recipt for pick up….these people are insane! And he had the audacity to tell me that maybe I am too rough with it..I sit at a desk all day typing! Honestly, I’m too rough!
    Never again will I ever shop there…I have had no problems with any of the jewlery that I have purchased at Kays or Ben Bridge, they are professionals and know how to produce quality products!This all happened in Pearl City Hawaii!!!

  16. Alex More says:

    Regarding 3-7 days for sizing. HOW ABOUT 3 WEEKS. Zales has decided to drop all there local jewelers, and start using out of state huge repair shops. My friend is a manager for a Zales store. They were told that by the start of next year all stores have to send out every repair, polishing, rhodium plating. To one of 3 or 4 huge repair houses. With a 3 week turn around time! And heres the best part ! that ring you just spent thousands of dollars on, they will charge you an extra $39.95 to size. And they will only pay the repair shop $ 4.00 yes four dollars to size your ring. Tell me How good is that going to look ??? So plan at least a month ahead if you want to surprise someone! cause do you think she’ll wait 3 weeks after you give it to her. And as a closing note, All the managers were strictly told they must deny this fact if anyone asks ! So this huge jewelry retailer now wants all their employees to LIE to you ! what else do they lie about. Dont take my word for it, go ask your local store. Its already started in Dallas and the west. And even with this plan from zales, none of the jewelers after years of service will be given any notice. Thanks a great company to do business with.

    • terribly worried says:

      alex may be right, and i just heard this today that zales has been planning to send out their repairs to repair houses, ive been their faithful hardworking honest vendor for years now and know, as ive been a jeweler for 27 years, that im doing them a great service, and theyre just going to yank the carpet out from under me, and in this economy? ouch, itll destroy me. cant cooperate structurers care about the small people they may hurt.

      • Kenisha says:

        Zales does have a corporate vedor they send to it takes 3-4 weeks but the store also has a local jeweler that will take a week to 10days with a 10 dollar rush fee.

    • Victim of theft says:

      Well, it would appear that when those rings get sent out, someone steals the diamonds! After a long ordeal (that I’m still dealing with) I have had it confirmed that my 6K one carat diamond from the Signature Collection does not have its laser-inscribed certification number on the gurdle! So, it either got STOLEN by a sales associate, an out-of-area jeweler, OR…we were never given a certified diamond to begin with! Which do you think is the most likely scenario? And what do you think Zales had done? NOTHING! Yet. I am happy to hear any suggestions on how to deal with this horrible company.

      • jeweler says:

        my guess is you never got the correct Diamond to begin with. Id complain to regional management if the manager isnt helpful, if you have valid reciepts and documents they will likely help in your case, they should get you a REAL certified diamond and replace it with what you got IMO, and be sure you look through a microscope with your own eyes to see the serial number for yourself so this wont happen , thats what its there for.

  17. Kari says:

    My boyfriend purchased an engagement ring from zales and it cost roughly $2,000. Plus he paid an additional $140 for the lifetime insurance. Well i went in 6 mos after i got my ring to have it cleaned and inspected. When I gave the woman the paper to sign, she said they didn’t have to sign the inspection paper anymore.
    Anyways about a year and a half after I got my ring I lost the diamond out of it. I called them and they said since paper wasn’t signed there was nothing they could do about it. So because they screwed up I was out a $2000 ring. So if anyone wants to buy a ring for their significant other DO NOT GO TO ZALES UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SCREWED OVER!!

  18. ExEmployee says:

    I am a Graduate Gemologist who once worked for Zales while studying for my degree. I can tell you that management does not encourage continuing education for their employees. The fact is they like to keep employees unaware of the inferior diamonds they are selling. If the sales people were knowledgeable about diamonds, they would find it difficult to sell a piece of crap like it was something special.

    “Ignorance is Bliss” The Zales motto!
    (for both sales person AND customer)

  19. xdm7 says:

    you people dont know anything about diamond rings or jewelery in general ….

  20. zmanager says:

    Wow, This is a site to dis all the zales stores, and it hurts my heart to hear all the bad things that have happened to folks. I’ve been a manager for Zales for 6 years I Love My Customers !!! Each and everyone
    of them, Even the ones that continue to have problems with some of the jewelry that is sold to them.
    We try our best to insure that what the customer is buying is best suited for their needs, You can’t get
    a channel set band and expect no trouble from having it sized to a size 4 or even special ordering it in a
    size 4. Problems Happen !!! Its our job to make this a less stressful time, by explaining our repair policy’s and time it takes to get it repaired…….. I give 110% to my customers because They matter to me !! Their occasions matter to me…… We are not perfect.. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and am big enough to admit to them, Our policy in our store is 1. Give a specfic date the jewelry will be sent !!
    2. Give a Date when it will be returned, explain to the customer that most of the time we don’t call to tell the customer that the repair is done, Because we’ve explained our repairs go out on Monday and come back on Friday after 5:00pm our number is on the top of the receipt if you have any questions please feel free to call anytime.. But if the customer request that we call them we do write CALL on the top of our
    reciept and whoever checks them in calls the customers and lets them know they are here. I hate to see anyone have a bad experience with any Zales. Because I love my Zales, I love giving that exceptional service,
    I love hearing all their life joys, fears, births, anniversary’s, I wish I could Make all these sad story’s into success story’s where you’ve went out of my store and said WOW!! Because I’ll remember all of you and make the next customer experience even better……….. Thanks for the updates on how we are doing.

    • kiko says:

      I wish all managers were like you. After a year of looking me and my fiance found the ring of my dreams and it was only $2000, we went in to get all the paper work and put a down payment on it and right before we were going to pay they said that they could not get it in my size. Now putting all the little details aside i left the store in tears and the sales woman was a word i will not say.

  21. Loretta Greenberg says:

    I have a problem with the way customers are treated by the staff at Zales in the Mall of NH. Last week I was shopping for a swiss movement watch for myself (for my husband to give me as a 49th anniversary gift). On Tueday, Sept. 1, I saw a Wittnauer watch in the discounted sale display case. Liz waited on me and after a brief discussion as to what the sale signs meant (one said up to 40%off with another mounted on top saying 30% addtional reduction she consulted a book and finally gave me a price of $291 claiming that it was an offer which could only be good for that day. Feeling like I was either being sold a time share or a bad used car, I told her I couldn’t buy under that pressure and would be back with my husband Thursday night. She commented that she was sure her manager would not match the price if I didn’ t purchase it from her. Well, turns out she was correct! Manager gave me the 3rd dgree as to who waited on me, and said the signs were moved around and didn’t pertain the watch I wanted. The price she gave me was over $400. I didn’t know whom to complain to at the Mall. No way to operate a retail store during a time that people are not spending. Those signs were in the same place on my first visit. Obviously I came to buy or I wouldn’t have brought my husband. Isn’t there a standard of ethics by which retailers are supposed to operate? I will not be returning to Zales Jewelry in the Mall of NH.

    • hear ya says:

      Yep……..mall of nh zales is awful. The manager doesnt want to sell anything. she is rude and demanding and treats her staff like morons!!!! discounting is all over the place and you never get the same price twice.

  22. ex employee also says:

    I worked for zales outlet in allen,tx last yr and at that store is nothing but alot of stress there. The manager cares about nothing but making HER bonus. To me, its the customer that you should care about. I like forever got in trouble for not pushing the bigger diamond. I dont believe in pushing a guest to buy something that they dont want or cant afford. I dont believe in pushing them applying for credit. They push us to get credit apps. I have had alot of guest walk out because they dont want to apply for credit. At that particular store the manager is out on the floor getting all the sales where the associattes but there tails to make a sale . I think when the store isnt that busy , the manager needs to step down and let the associates get the sales but she dont. I had cancer and she didnt care at all. From the chemo , I developed diahrea severly and couldnt work. She told me I HAD to, for me to wear a diaper to work!!!
    My sister and my husband called corporate and told them and not a thing was done to her!!

    Now, I think that if a company lets a manager stay on and treat her associates that way, and is very rude to them and could care less if they are sick and if they cant work, then it just shows how well they care about the feelings of the guest that come in and buy jewelry that keeps money in there pockets!

  23. Melissa says:

    Does any one know what a PROMISE DATE actually means? I have looked at all the paperwork I signed and all the pamphlets I was given at time of purchase and nowhere does it specify what a PROMISE DATE is! I ordered a pink sapphire heart ring on Feb 2nd. The ring was a gift from my husband for Valentine’s day (Feb 14th). I was happily surprised when the sales woman looked me in my eyes and said “We promise to have your ring here on the 13th of February.” This was perfect, considering having the actual gift on Valentine’s Day would be preferable. So, February 13th rolls around, and my husband goes to pick it up. On his way there, I called from home to make sure it was ready to go. I spoke to a very snappy, condescending man who seemed offended that I dare call to check on my ring! After having to repeat the spelling of my last name several times, he then informed me that “It is not in.” AND THAT’S IT! That’s all he said, no remorse or apology whatsoever! I then asked when it would be ready and he said 3 days from now it should be in. I then explained the peril of the fact that it is a Valentine’s Day gift and now I would not have it as promised, BY THEM. Still, he showed no remorse, and didn’t apologize for the inconvenience. Had he been apologetic or shown any compassion for my situation, I would have just let it be. I asked him what a promise date even was, and he said that it is an estimated date. I then told him that they should change the effin title to estimated date, because PROMISE is something you should not say unless you are sure. I hung up on the useless POS and called the 1-800 customer service number and lodged a complaint with them. That phone call was quite awkward. He was not aware of “PROMISE DATES” or the true meaning behind them. (Class Act) I then explained in detail, my experience, the CS man then asked me what I wanted. I said I would like a discount for the inconvenience. I told the CS man that had I gotten an apology from the sales associate, I would not have even called. He then repeated the question as if I was a child, WHAT DO YOU WANT? The man wanted a dollar amount! I hadn’t thought of that beforehand, and felt totally uncomfortable naming a dollar amount and just said 20% off my entire purchase. I am sure I will not receive this, yet still awaiting a call from the regional manager. I look forward to her answer on what a PROMISE DATE is, as no one seems to know this. DO NOT SHOP AT ZALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. hear ya says:

    go to zales in the mall of nh if you want to be treated like a piece of crap

  25. Jaimie says:

    My fiance bought my ring at the night he proposed we took it in to get resized at the zales store in Whitehall, PA. The lady we left it with told us it would take 2 weeks. So when 2 weeks rolled around, I called to see if it was in, that lady told us the promise date was March 4th, 3 weeks. March 4th rolls around, we get a phone call, my ring has been delayed due to they “forgot to put it in the box”… apparently the box that was supposed to be holding my ring, arrived at zales completely empty. He has guarenteed that it will be in by this monday the 8th after 5pm. To top it all off, this past week, my aunt had gone in without my permission to try to see my ring before me, when she asked to see my ring, they actually went looking for it to show her, knowing that the ring was not for her and that she didn’t have a receipt. All of those employees need to be taught a thing or two about customer service. The manager will be getting an ear full when/IF I ever do get to pick up my engagement ring. They ruined what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life.

  26. Ms. B says:

    First, I want to THANK EVERYONE on this blog!!!! I went to Zales in Penn Square Mall in OKC, found a beautiful ring spoke to Cindy she was somewhat helpful but she seemed to be watching everyone else in the store instead of assisting me. Mind you this was on a Friday evening and they were FULLY STAFFED. So I asked her kindly to write down the item number I also wanted 2 small bands one for the top and one for the bottom of the ring, but the bands that she carried in the store were curved I preferred them to be straight. She told me that they could special order them, she just needed to contact her jeweler, WELL…by that time another couple had came up but they were working with another assoc. she was so busy in that sale that she did not get any of my information to call me back about the cost of the 2 bands I wanted!!!!! Finally after she noticed I was just standing there she was like Oh did you want to go ahead and get a quote….WHAT THE HELL HAVE WE BEEN DISCUSSING!!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!!! She told me she would give me a call about the price for the custom bands on Monday its Tuesday I haven’t heard anything. So I am taking my future husband to BC CLARK my budget was $7,000.00 but after hearing about my experience and reading all of these, my baby said I could spent up to $20,0000.00 SO THANKS ZALES FOR YOUR CRAPPY SERVICE!!!! Never judge a book by its cover I went in the store with my 22yr old niece(I am 32) she might have thought I was window shopping but I wasn’t and my baby owns a very sucessful busniess I thought I could get a really nice ring for a good price without spending an arm and leg thats the only reason I went there in the beginning. I was willing to sacrifice the quality of ring but I will not sacrifice CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Again thank you all, you have save at least one person from this hell hole!!!!

  27. Phil Malham Jr says:

    As a former Zales store Manager of 2 stores in Houston…..I’m appalled. I’ve read alot of comments re: poor customer service, and the merchandise not available for 8 to 8 weeks. This never happened in either of my stores. # 1 my staff was trained and told ” If you sell something to anybody that they don’t really want I will fire you. # 2 If we didn’t have what you wanted in the store, my staff and I asked you to draw a picture of what you wanted, and I would give it to my repair person and see what it would cost ( using some of your old gold jewerly ) to have your piece ” custom ” made, especially if it was an engagement/wedding set. That way your rings would be unique to you… no one else would have your rings.
    Is it possible that Zales ” outlets ” are not the same as a Zales Jewelry store ?

  28. Jon says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a GIA Certified Gemologist, Accredited Jewelry Profesional, and also have a B.A in Mineralogy, as well as my A.A. in Geology. Needles to say I am a total jewelry nerd. Or as we call ourselves in the industry: “Gem Geeks” I used to work for a Zale’s in CA. And I can honestly tell you the problem that many of you are experiencing does; unfortunately happen. The problem is not the company so much as it is the individual Jewelry Consultants you are dealing with. When I worked at Zale’s, Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction was the one thing I personally took the most pride in. It’s based off of the individual. In the Jewelry Industry the number one most important thing is REPUTATION! It is up to whom ever receives the repairs from the jeweler to call all of the customers. Its rather simple, considering the computer automatically prints a call list. Now unfortunately a Jewelry Consultant may forget or ignore to do this! (This is when i personally liked to see write up’s happen) Within saying this…… a strong and devoted staff was what made our store such a great working environment aas well as a n enjoyable atmosphere for our customers. Reading some of these comments, and the problems you all have gone through theres only one word to describe it: DISGRACEFUL!

    I have no regrets working for the company, but reading this comments makes me wonder how the store managers are training there staff, or for a lack of a better word…NOT. So on behalf of Zale’s. I apologize.

  29. unsatisfied says:

    I bought á diamond ear ring at sales Manhattan, westside store a couple of days later I relize the back was too loose I took it back n they change the back,the new one was also too loose,took it back a second time,this time they gave me a little baggy wit a lot ot both push on i said to the person that was helping me,don’t u think its stupid to give me push on for a screw back ear ring n I also said to her I spend 1900 dollors on this don’t u think I deserve the proper back for it.she search n searched until she found a set,by this I was ready to leave.days later I was back,this is my third time,same problem.I God yet anather set.I wore the ear ring to a party two weeks later n one of them fell went back to the store they told me they cant do anything about it because my insurance don’t cover there fault I lost because the ear ring was defended from the biggining.

  30. don murphy says:

    I but most my jewelry in Shawnee mall at Zales. Which apparently was a very bad news I’ve had to get stuff repaired this but from them Add another jeweler. bought a brand new diamond necklace with pearls it was not brand new it had been repaired already but sold as new I’m going to the cells in Norman because that’s for myself then move to all I get is hosed over in the Shawnee location and employees at Zales should be very embarrassed to have any kind of blog like this sales in Norman can’t take care of it I’m stopping the Dallas I’m a get this crap back to them [email protected]

  31. Patricia Chapman says:

    irritated and unsatisfied
    I took a set of wedding rings into the Zales store in the Norman Mall, OK. I wanted them resized. I have noticed that the smaller diamonds in the main ring are yellowish. The two others are that way, also. I have had this set for 41 years and never had yellow diamonds!! No stones have ever came out either! I don’t know what to do. They charged me over 200 dollars to resize the rings. The main two diamonds look ok, but the smaller ones are “yellow” to the eye. I have had problems there, also…like taking months to resize another ring. I am almost scared to go in about my rings. It doesn’t look like the bottom of the main ring is even gold. It is dull and rough. The other two are smooth and shiny. Quality work is something of the past, I guess.

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