Let me just say that every store is different and this may not be true about yours but the Zales in the Ridgedale Mall (Minneapolis) is not a good Zales to go to. Why?

1) We bought my wedding ring there. They said they’d get my size, send it in and call me when it was in. They never called. We got tired of waiting and we went and sure enough it was there.
2) We got the extended warranty. However they failed to put that in the computer. Sure we paid for it but according to their system we didn’t buy it. So went we went to get it resized a second time they told us it would cost. We took in the receipt and they added our warranty to the account, finally, and won’t charge us to resize it.
3) While waiting for the ring to come back after it’s second resizing we got no word of what was going on. After two weeks I went in to get it figuring it would be there and it wasn’t. They said the store manager would figure out what was up and call me the next day. They did. They said that they would have to cut the ring and it might leave a line. They wanted to make sure that was OK with me before they did it. I stated that we agreed to all that the day we brought it in. But, since the clerk didn’t put that in the computer, they had to hear it from me again. Ahhh My main issue here is the fact that that was all they were waiting for and they never called me?! I waited two weeks and they did nothing?! How stupid.

Of course they are all apologetic but give me a break. These seem like really minor issues and Zales doesn’t even have a handle on them. I won’t be doing any future business at that particular Zales jewelry store as the service is horrible.