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14 Strangely Creative Stock Photos

Creativity is one of those things that’s hard to define. For each of us it’s different, and for some it’s a bit strange.

Check out the interesting stock photos below and see if they fit into your next project. Not sure where I’d use any of them, yet I kinda want to find a use for all of them!

Men with helmet in shower

To Infinity and Beyond! Right after this shower.

Dangerous hunter

I got skillz. Hunting skillz.

Stag Man Music Practice

Oh Dear.

Vacations in the slums

Vacations in the slums.

fried eye

Eye Want Breakfast

Young adult woman with blue eyes and mustache

Mr. You so pretty.

Funny man

Canadian Business Causal

Naked Man Playing Guitar in Shower

I rock in the shower.

Mens Bathroom Size up

Damn! That's ...

Post-it bear

Note to self: Remember to ROAR!

Man with head in copy machine on construction site, side view

Copier is jammed.

Man laying in bed with cake pillow

Cake pillow helps with night cravings.

Woman trapped under garage door

Attack of the garage door!

Man caught in collapsed sofabed

Sofabed and I have issues.

“The truly creative person is one who can think crazy; such a person knows full well that many of his great ideas will prove to be worthless. The creative person is flexible; he is able to change as the situation changes, to break habits, to face indecision and changes in conditions without undue stress. He is not threatened by the unexpected as rigid, inflexible people are.” — Frank Goble

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