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Firefox 1.0 – Now Available – Direct Download Links

Firefox 1.0 is now available. The browser has finally made it to a milestone and I can’t wait to see the feedback that it gets. When I upgraded I had no issues. Just had to re-install SpellBound spell check as it doesn’t seem to be able to go from one version to the next. No biggie. Firefox 1.0 also has a new start page for those of you who go to the default Firefox one. I guess they partnered with Google for the new Firefox Google Start Page. Pretty sweet.

Since today is the big Firefox day and can seem to be quite slow. Meaning they must be getting tons of hits. If you are looking for the download here are a few links for the English version. Windows Mac Linux i668 Those download links shouldn’t be slow, but they are hosted on Mozilla so anything could happen.

Happy browsing and let me know if you find anything new and cool!

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