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Firefox 1 Day 1

Well Firefox 1.0 has been out for a day and Firefox websites are starting to get back to normal. Most were slammed yesterday by people trying to get their hands on the new browser. A victim of their own success I guess. But that’s good in a way. It shows the high amount of interest in this web browser and I can’t wait to see the download numbers.

In using Firefox 1.0 on a Mac for a day I came up with a few oddities. There is a great feature about forcing links that spawn new windows to open in new tabs that disappeared from the final release. When I asked I was told that it’s still there and can be turned on in the about:config area. However, they took it out of the preferences because there were issues. Not sure what yet but I still have that option turned on at work. Another theory I have is about Firefox getting full? After having the browser open for 5 hours straight yesterday it seemed really slow. So I quit it and restarted it and it worked great again. Can Firefox get full? Of what though?

Other than those two things Firefox 1.0 has been really great. I’ve switched from Safari and I’m spreading the Firefox word. This browser has about everything I need right down to the weather.

Oh and one more thing to note, my Firefox links might not work as that Firefox site is still trying to get back up on it’s feet.

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