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Testing out WordPress custom post formats.

WordPressI’ve been waiting for WordPress 3.1 to come out for months now. I was so excited for post formats as I thought that’d make my WordPress blog cool like my Tumblr blog. Turns out, maybe not.

The first thing I forgot was that I’d have to update my theme to make them work. Not only adding the custom function, but also writing the code to figure out if a post was a custom format or not. Then styling those differently as that is the whole point behind custom post formats.

So far I’ve got two custom post formats setup: quote and image. I think they look pretty nice, but they are not perfect.

For example, on my image post, it looks great on the site, but those reading via RSS got a HUGE image. I’ll have to play with image sizes and see how to make that better. Sadly the image size is an issue that’s not just magically controlled.

I really like how my quote post turned out, yet I could have probably done that before post formats too.

When it comes down to it, custom post formats are nice, but you still have to figure out how to make them look, and work, like you want them to.

I’m still a big fan of Tumblr’s simplicity and hopefully I can get everything updated around here to work more like I want. I just want it to be easy for me to create and share different types of content and have them showcased in a way that makes them different from all the rest.

Has anyone else tried out the custom post formats? What do you think?

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