Well so far WordPress has been lots of fun. Everything seemed to make it over and there is so much to explore. I’m still working on the interface also. For some reason I can’t get it to be only 80% wide. There is some CSS code somewhere that I haven’t found yet. Once that’s done then comes a dark background because I think it needs it. I’d love my old blogger look but that’ll take some time. Update: I found it. Class. Id. What’s the difference. 😉 ha ha. Fix that and it worked!

I’m also working on ad placement. I need to figure out how to get adsence above the comments on a post page without getting them everywhere on the main page. I’m sure I can do it it’ll just take some looking into it. Any suggestions?

I’m very excited I have auto smilies too. 😀 Stupid little feature but I love them. But I wasn’t happy with the generic smilies that came with WordPress so I got a few aqua ones to replace them.

Comment spam was a quick lesson for the day too as ‘Mr Casino’ posted 25 spam comments or more. I found out how to make a spam list so when a comment was posted with one of the spam words I’d have to approve it first. Or delete it. However he made me realize something. About half of my posts, old ones, didn’t have titles. So they wouldn’t have pages. So I went though and put in a bunch of generic titles for them all and that should help things out a lot with search engines and keeping things organized. Oddly enough, once the titles were in place ‘Mr Casino’ disappeared. However others have appeeared. Since then I have in stalled a spam stopper. Thanks to a visitor for the referral. I’m hoping it works!!

There are just so many things to play with. Plugins and hacks and such. I’m really excited, yet my time is limited. Keep looking back for updates as I plan to make many more advancements!