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Who Sends 5Mb Email Forwards?!

I just got a forward from my mom and I’m not happy with whoever sent it to her as it’s a 5MB forward! First off that’s got to be horrible on her dial up. And secondly it’s eating up valuable server space. If you get a forward that’s over 1Mb, just trash it. All you are doing is cluttering up peoples inboxes with crap.

On a related note, is very low on server space. The galleries will have to be edited and older files are getting deleted. I’m not sure where all the space went, but there is no reason I can’t live off of 333Mbs of space. Currently I have 16Mb left. This morning there as 46 but thanks to that email it went down fast. (My mom has on in her in box, outbox and a bounced one plus she sent me one so that’s a lot of space)

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