[update 2] We have found out that our cats hate Canned Air.  You know, the stuff you clean your keyboards with.  We are using that on them whenever they get close to the tree and hopefully they’ll learn.  They are much better than in the past though.  

[update] We are trying a new spray to keep cats out of the Christmas tree. So far so good!

Anyone have any ideas how to keep a cat out of a Christmas tree? We have an artificial tree and the cat likes to climb up in it. We’ve tried tin foil at the base and I don’t think it works when she doesn’t have front claws. We’ve also tried coffee at the base as the strong smell should deter her, however it doesn’t. We need new ideas. I was thinking about bells inside might scare her? Or some sticky tape as I know she hates lint rollers. Also a temporary wall is on my mind. Any ideas?