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Who’s that on the cover of Mac Fan?

Who is on the cover of January’s edition of Mac Fan Magazine? It’s Godzilla. However on page 21, half way down and on your left is me! They did a section on holiday stuff for your Mac and they put in my TwistMas theme! Just so you know, Mac Fan is a Japanese magazine so it may be hard to find over here. This also isn’t the first time I’ve had a theme in a Japanese Mac magazine. Back in 1999 or so I had an OS9 theme for Garth Brooks in a different magazine. I think it’s just fun to be in the magazines. Even if it’s just a two inch by two inch square. 😀

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  1. SEbasic says:

    Congratulations Mate…

    You must be really chuffed…
    I don’t use mac (Not a huge fan), but If I did, I’d certianly be running one of those themes.

    I like the “Hallo” theme the best I think 😉

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