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Birthday Breakfast and Dinner

The birthday went off pretty good. First we had breakfast at the Nicollet Island Inn with her parents. It was a fancier place however the service was slow and the food was ok. Good atmosphere though. Then we went to the New World Market just to look around that was a pretty neat place. We picked up some horrible energy Jolt Cola mints and some Jelly Bellies. After that it was off to Dairy Queen to get a DQ Cake. Mmmm. Then, that evening, we went to Howie G’s Signature Steakhouse in Plymouth. Here you get to cook your own steaks if you want and, they have an unlimited potato bar. Mmm fires, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and more. The wait was very long but we waited anyways. Once in, the service was pretty good and the food was ok too. Nothing too great but it could have been. The only downfall was the fact that the UPS man didn’t come on Saturday so we’ll have to wait until Monday evening before Christi gets her gift.

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