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Goodbye 80s Hello Smooth Jazz 104.1

Goodbye 80s Hello Smooth Jazz 104.1. That’s right the Twin Cities 80s station may be changing over to Jazz soon. My wife saw the sign outside the old 104.1 building just the other day. When will it be changing? Not sure, it’s still a rumor but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened soon. A few years ago 104.1 used to be an alternative station until, out of the blue, it was all 80s. My guess is that on, or about, the first of January it’ll switch again. Only time will tell. Until then, 80s fans better get their fill.

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  1. lynne says:

    where is the new smooth jazz station? cant get answer from kjzi 100.3 phone or fax and cant believe there wont be another station in twin cities and their web site doesnt have any info-they are advertising like they are still on air

  2. Thomas says:

    You can try and find jazz stations at

  1. 4/22/2005

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