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Why are you walking like that? What’s wrong? Is it broken?

Dear little girl, please don’t scare Dad like that.

It all started on Sunday. We went to the play area at the mall and Lily was having all sorts of fun; like always. I was watching her and making sure none of the other kids ran her over and all was good.

Panic!Then I noticed something strange. Lily wasn’t able to walk right. Every time she took a step, one of her feet kinda gave out and dragged behind her Then she’d fall. That’s when Dad started to freak out.

I took her over to Mom for a second opinion and Mom agreed that she wasn’t walking right.

Even though it looked like something was wrong, there were no tears and there was no accident. I was watching the whole time and nothing happened! But yet something wasn’t right.

Since Lily wasn’t the least bit bothered we decided to give it some time and see what happened. We went shopping and, after a while, put her down to see how she’d walk. Still, she wasn’t walking right.

By this time, I’m ready to go to the ER. Something isn’t right and I want it fixed. But my wife convinced me to see how things play out as there is no physical indication of an injury or of pain.

So we took Lily home and it was time for her nap. All I could think of is that she’d jump up and down in her crib, land wrong, and make it worse. OMG!

After she got up from her nap, she was back to walking normal. This was great news, but doesn’t explain what happened.

Was she just walking like that because it was fun? Was there something else wrong? Maybe it was a cramp. Who knows?!

All I know is that nothing was broken, nothing is hurting and she’s been fine ever since. And that’s all a big relief!

I tell you, these little kids are a lot to worry about. And we’re just getting started!

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  1. Jamie D. says:

    I totally would react the same way you did!

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