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Firefox G5 Optimized

Lately I’ve been running a version of Firefox optimized for the G5. [updated link] Now I’m not sure exactly how this works. Someone re-builds Firefox from the source given out by Mozilla. (it is open source so it’s free) Then then change some code to take advantage of the G5 processor. While in there, they also threw in some more Mac like widgets and broke some of the history. Now is it better? Faster? It’s hard to tell. I’ve never been very good at telling if a program was faster or not when we are just talking about seconds but it does seem zippier. I’ll continue to use it, unless I find other things that are out of wack. 😉

[UPDATE] : I’ve reverted back. My Firefox had issues and I had to re-install and I decided that the G5 version wasn’t as good. Or didn’t seem to be much better.

Also, I learned the other day that the latest Java updates that Apple sends out only work for Safari. Not Firefox or Camino or other Mozilla browsers. Not being a fan of Java I really didn’t care but at the same time I like to keep things up to date. So I found a site that created a plug-in for Mozilla browsers that allows them to use the most up-to-date Java. Installed it and everything is groovy.

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  1. 11/30/2006

    […] Once again I’ve fallen for this grand idea of optimized versions of Firefox. I’ve tried them in the past only to fall back on the default Firefox. But here I go again. […]

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