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Oceans 12 : A Review

We went out to see Oceans 12 last night and I have to say it was an ok movie but not as good as the first. All the main characters were there and they even had a few more celebrities thrown in. The problem for me was to many schemes going at once. One was a cover for the next which was part of another one and they just seemd to not distinguish them very well. Could be because whoever shot the movie seemed like a recent art school grad. Meaning he did a lot of weird and annoying transitions and shots that just annoyed me after a while. Sometimes the movie just seemed to change stories without warning too. The good news is the characters were as good as ever and very likable and funny. I’d suggest this as a rental but not in theaters. B-

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  1. Jason says:

    Anyone notice in ocean’s 12 during the time when they are listing off the nitefox’s resume there is a comment from Yen who is supposed to be stuck in luggage until the following day…….
    Ive mailed steven sodenberg on this i guess they missed that at final editing
    jason in california
    [email protected]

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