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Kensington PilotMouse Issues

My PilotMouse issues linger on. I bought this ultra cool mouse at Best Buy, where I got a really good deal, about a month ago and my happiness level is still so so. It looks sweet, has many buttons, is wireless, optical and so comfy. However it’s on screen performance lacks. It seems to be jumpy at times when going small distances and, if I were to try to highlight some text, there is a 1 in 5 chance it’d only get 95% of it or 110%. Oh and the entire first two weeks I had it, it complained that the batteries were almost dead.

So if you have any suggestions to boost my on-screen mouse performance let me know. I don’t know if it’s the environment, the mouse pad, the software or just the mouse. Hey, if you want, you could just suggest a new mouse. If my issues don’t clear up in a week or so it may be headed back.

Update: Review Available

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  1. Shane H. says:

    I just bought this same mouse today for $34.95 from Best buy (12/18/05) before christmas just like you at the same store!

    I probably won’t return it. It’s adaquate. I bought my parents a microsoft mouse from the same best buy, and although that mouse doesn’t look as cool as the Kensington Pilotmouse Pro, I was impressed with it, and the wireless aspect of it was really cool, and it performed just like a wired mouse. So I decided to go back to best buy today and buy a wireless mouse. I was going to get the MS Wireless mouse (about $35 also) but the kensington, for about the same price, looked really cool. So I opted for it. I wish I chose the MS Optical mouse. The kensington mouse works “OK” but I have the same issues with jerky tracking and slow response like you did. Others have the same issues, from reviews I’ve read at a few other websites (like Again, the black Microsoft Wireless Optical mouse worked awesome. No noticable delay and perfect smooth and reliable tracking, no difference at all from a wired mouse.

    Anyway, take care, thanks for the blog!
    -Shane [email protected]

  2. Bill Baldwin, Jr. says:

    The Kensington Pilot Mouse Optical Wireless Model
    # 72129

    My friend bought this a few months ago and brand brought it home. There are seven pc’s in the house and my G5 Mac. The Mouse number in residence is at least 15 and by far the biggest piece of jittery, unusable crap is this Kensington. Where do I start? The wireless works and then it doesn’t, it takes an inordinate amount of concentration to place the pointer where you want it, so jittery is the handling of this mouse. If it were a racing car, everyone who bought one would be dead within a week. This pile of tech garbage dies tonight.

  3. Thomas says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Kensington again.

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