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Using an old PowerBook 667 for distraction free writing.

I’ve decided that my iMac is just to distracting for writing. I’ve got Twitter, Facebook and email notifications just to name a few.

And then there is my desk. It’s nice but it’s quite a mess usually. Plus I can see the TV and it’s just all a little distracting.

So I’ve decided to pull out the old laptop. This is a powerful PowerBook 667 running OSX 10.4 with 768Mb RAM. But ya know what? It works. Granted, I do have ensure it’s plugged in as it has no battery life, wireless doesn’t work great and I’m using Safari 4 as most browsers are just not cutting it, but it still works.

I’m rocking Evernote web so that I know that all my writings are auto saved and that they’ll sync nicely back to my iMac when I get there.

My goal is to use this computer to write-up my ideas. Since it can’t do too much, I won’t find my self getting distracted to easily. Not only is running two apps a bit much for this old machine anymore, but most apps just don’t run at all.

So far so good.

Now, if I could only do something about these cats.

Oh and I’m still wondering why this wasn’t called the PowerBoook 666. 🙂

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