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Using an old PowerBook 667 for distraction free writing.

I’ve decided that my iMac is just to distracting for writing. I’ve got Twitter, Facebook and email notifications just to name a few. And then there is my desk. It’s nice but it’s quite a mess usually. Plus I can see the TV and it’s just all a little distracting. So I’ve decided to pull […]

Technology is Bitter Sweet

Ahh it’s a bitter sweet time. A few days ago Apple announced all new iMacs with twice the processor speed at a lower price. Now, I love my iMac, but it’s always hard to see the new machines arrive just months after I got mine. Being in the forefront of technology is next to impossible […]

Jealousy – My Sweet Mac Setup

This is what it looks like when I work from home. My Intel iMac on the left and my work iMac G5 on the right. It’s one sweet setup if you ask me. Not pictured is the wife’s Powerbook 667 and my iPod (which she Podnaped for the day).

AquaBook PowerBook Works!

It’s freaking amazing! The Powerbook survived getting soaked with no issues. I got a call yesterday asking when I was coming home. It seems that there was a large glass of water to close to the laptop. The cat jumped up and spilled it on the keyboard and though the computer. When I got home […]

Replacing a Powerbook Hard Drive

The new hard drive for our Powerbook 667 arrived Saturday along with a few special tools. In no time I had the Powerbook back up and running. It wasn’t that hard actually. Especially after watching one of Other World Computing’s videos. I just had to remove a few screws (with a special Torx Screwdriver) and […]

Our Powerbook is in a Coma

It happened Sunday night around 7:45pm. My My wife’s Powerbook 667 slipped into a coma. It will start up a little, but stops at a blue screen. Never loading the desktop. Even disk utility can’t help. I was able to hook it up to life support though. Via target disk mode, my iMac was able […]

Target Disk Mode Rocks

You gotta love target disk mode. It’s a wonderful feature from Apple that lets you boot a machine as a firewire hard drive on another. This then allows you to quickly copy off files and folders. This morning I hooked up my PowerBook to my new iMac via a firewire cable, held down the T […]

Now on Intel

Imagine my suprise when my wife’s suggestions to her PC issues was to get me a new computer and she’d take my old one. The end result was a purchase of a new iMac. It’s running the intel chip and has so many new and cool programs and features!! So far it’s wonderful and I […]