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Our Powerbook is in a Coma

It happened Sunday night around 7:45pm. My My wife’s Powerbook 667 slipped into a coma.

It will start up a little, but stops at a blue screen. Never loading the desktop. Even disk utility can’t help.

I was able to hook it up to life support though. Via target disk mode, my iMac was able to read the hard drive. We backed up all the data and did all we could. It’s no use though, we can’t even erase the hard drive in the Powerbook.

I am considering purchasing a new hard drive for it as it’s a pretty cheap fix. Less than a hundred anyways. However, I’ll have to see what the wife wants to do. I also have to figure out how to get into it. The screws on the back are funky and I’m not sure the local hardware store has a screwdriver like that!

For now we just wait, wait to see if my Mac geek friends come up with a fix or, if we decide to revive it, wait for a new hard drive to arrive.

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