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Now on Intel

Imagine my suprise when my wife’s suggestions to her PC issues was to get me a new computer and she’d take my old one.

The end result was a purchase of a new iMac. It’s running the intel chip and has so many new and cool programs and features!!

So far it’s wonderful and I haven’t even played with half of the new features.

This is quite a step up from my Powerbook 667!! 😀

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  1. 5/14/2006

    […] To clarify, I got a great application called Fish. I realized I hadn’t tried it out since I got my sweet new machine. It runs so much better than on my previous machine. […]

  2. 9/8/2006

    […] Ahh it’s a bitter sweet time. A few days ago Apple announced all new iMacs with twice the processor speed at a lower price. Now, I love my iMac, but it’s always hard to see the new machines arrive just months after I got mine. […]

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