If you haven’t seen it already. iPox has been updated to 0.5. Lots of fixes in this version including the annoying drop down issues on XP. For features, I have added scrollbars!! Head over to Mozilla to get the latest release.

iPox v.05 Firefox Theme

Full list of what’s new in v.5
– Fixed Auto Fill (drop down) bug on XP !!!
– Scrollbars
– New Go Button
– Fixed Find Background Corners (now transparent. really)
– Tweak to Home Button
– New Download Button
– Updated Tab Button (better?)
– Fixed PC Options Window Height
– Updated PC Main Menu Highlight
– Added Random Code As Requested By Ancestor in the Forum
– New Folder Icon
– Removed Tab Glow
– Bookmark Bar Background More Blue (see hacks if you don’t like it)
– Tab Background Updated
– New Tab-Rearrange Arrow
– Darker Progress Bar
– Updated Pop-Up Blocker Icon Thing
That’s all I can remember at the moment. 😀