I can’t believe how good these PayPal scams are getting. So good that I fell for it!! But, I caught myself before I did anything stupid.

I got an email saying that my PayPal account has been accessed by a foreign IP and I was to click the login link and verify my account. So I did. I clicked, logged it and it asked me for my CC# and my social security number. Then, my brain woke up. This didn’t seam right and I quickly logged into PayPay from visiting www.paypal.com and there was nothing wrong with my account!

Realizing my stupid mistake, I quickly changed my password and reported the scam to PayPal.

I then returned to the form (at grafikalektur.org) and filled out the information with f you and screw you as my name and address. 😉

Now I usually don’t understand how people fall for these things so often, but I missed any warning signs and feel bad that I even clicked on the link.

Just goes to show you, anyone can fall for email scams. We all just need to realize and remember that no credit card, bank or money services sends you and email and says ‘click here to verify your account’. If they want your attention, they’ll stick a notice in your account or tell you to visit your account without giving you a link.