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Your foot is not falling off, it’s just a blister.

Strawberry Shortcake Band-AidLily is a tough little girl. She has been known to fall down and scrape her knee, be bleeding, and not blink an eye. But over the weekend she got a blister in the outside of her big toe and it was like her foot was severed.

She walked as if it was broken, hobbling all afternoon. We decided to put a band-aid on it for the day, and in the evening she completely broke down if we even talked about taking the band-aid off.

Then we tried taking a bath.  A little water and you’d think she’d out her foot in boiling water. The poor thing was scared to death to get it wet.

I think that a big part of this was that she was also tired. I told her before bed that she could only have the band-aid on over night if she promised to take it off in the morning with no crying or whining.

In the morning Lily took off the band-aid all by herself and didn’t cry, even a little. Christi even put hydrogen peroxide on it and no tears or anything.

I’m hoping that this isn’t a preview of things to come. It’s ok to get hurt, and it’s OK to cry, but I’m hoping we go back to a tough girl. 🙂

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