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Testing out a vertical monitor.

I do things differently.

About a month ago I asked for a vertical monitor at work. There were a lot of Nerds in the office that have them and I wanted to try it. Since my monitor and my OS already supported vertical mode, all I had to do was get a different monitor stand and tech services hooked me up.

So far, I’m liking the vertical monitor.

It was an odd adjustment the first week or so, then it just seemed to click. Now I feel like I utilize the space better than I did when the monitor was horizontal. I fill the screen with different apps like Adium, IRC, WunderList and Terminal and then use Moom to keep each application window in its own spot with no overlapping.

One downside I have found is the resolution. It’s not quite as high in vertical mode, or it doesn’t seem like it because of the tall narrow screen. When I use Chrome in full screen mode, it feels really nice, but most web pages aren’t designed for the limited horizontal space.

Overall, it’s a nice change and a vertical monitor just seems to make sense. Web pages are vertical, emails and coding look better in tall windows, and it takes up less space on the desk. I’ll be sticking with it for quite a while.

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  1. My work 2nd monitor is narrower so that I have the same issue with web pages. My home monitor runs at 1024:1280, which accommodates most web pages.

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