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This winter sure is an odd one; again.

Feels like -36 outside! This is why they invented long underwear.

I swear I say this every winter, but winter seems pretty messed up this year.

After last years extremely disappointing snowfall, something like 27 inches all winter, I was thinking that this winter would be different with more snow, more cold, more like Minnesota. And I was half right.

So far, our snow totals are definitely lacking. It started off strong with a good storm, and then not much since. We’ve had long dry streaks and the snow totals are pretty low so far.

However, in the past week we’ve gotten about 7 inches out of 7 clippers. We get an inch or two here or there, and it’s adding up, but very slowly. Now the cold on the other hand is a different story.

The cold has come on strong this winter and given us some impressive temperatures. Wind chills have hit -36, or lower, more than a few times. It’s been crazy cold and there have been a couple of days where we don’t even make it above zero during the day. Now that’s the winter I remember.

Who knows what the rest of the winter will bring. As we start rolling towards spring, I keep thinking that a monster snow storm is just around the corner. I keep waiting and hoping. Then again, I did the same thing last year and that didn’t work.

I love the weather because it’s unpredictable and crazy, but winters without snow just seem wrong.

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