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Setup a Wireless Printer with D-Link’s Shareport

Wifi Printer LogoIf you have a D-Link wireless router chances are there is a USB port on the back. With this, you can set up a printer wirelessly.

Sadly, you can not just plug it and be happy. That’s too easy. Instead, D-Link created Shareport. Shareport is their software that is supposed to make the magic happen, but it sucks. I hear it works OK on Windows, but not very good, if at all, on Mac. But there is hope.

What you’ll need to go is go over and get SX-Virtual Link. This free 3rd party software works great. I had my printer setup and printing wirelessly in under 5 minutes. That of course doesn’t count the hour I spent trying to figure out how to download D-Link’s software and trying to make it work.

The downside however is that you’ll need the SX-Virtual Link application open whenever you want to print, however it allows you to set up a printer and turn it into a wireless printer. So the downside is actually not that bad.

My successful experience was with the following hardware and software:

  • D-Link DIR-655 Wireless N Gigabit Router
  • Epson Stylus Photo R200 Printer
  • Mac OS X 10.8.3

3 Responses

  1. Austin Wu says:

    Would you please tell me the step how it set up?
    I just download SX-Virtual Link application and install that, but nothing happend……

    • Thomas says:

      Unfortunately I’ve since uninstalled the software. From what I understand, I hooked the printer into the wireless USB port on the router and it was found by the SX Virtual Link.

  2. Cadenzia says:

    Thanks!!!! I probably spent more than the hour you took… And yours was the ONLY solution that has worked for me.

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