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Dear bumblebees, lets part ways. How can I get rid of you?!


Earlier this spring a nice little bumblebee made a house under our front step. He was one bumblebee just chilling in a new home. He caused no problems and seemed nice enough. I told him he could stay if it was just him. But he didn’t listen.

Now there is a family of bees under our front step. They are nice enough most of the time, but one got mad and chased my wife into the house the other day. A bee in the house attacking my wife? No thanks.

Sorry Mr. Bee, but it’s time for you and your family to find a new home.

I’m trying to be nice and not just kill them. I’m trying to convince them to move out. However, they’re not listening.

I read somewhere that they don’t like the smell of paint, so I painted them a board and put it in front of the entrance to their house, but they just go around it.

I tried to block the entrance to their house, but they just find a way around it. No matter how hard I make it, they still adapt.

So what’s next? How can I get rid of them? I don’t really want to just kill them, but I also don’t want them to stay. It’d be different if they were not under our front step, or if it was just one.

Anyone got any ideas on how to make bumblebee find a new home? From what I gather, they don’t like to relocate and the winter won’t kill them off. So now what?

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