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Comment Spam! Someone help.

When I installed WordPress I also installed spam stopper. That worked pretty good until recently. So far today I’ve gotten 30 comment spams. They are all moderated so the public doesn’t see them but it’s still a pain in the butt. Can anyone suggest a good spam stopping method? Since spam is all just bots crawling around I’ll need some sort of ‘human only’ method. Suggestions would be great!

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  1. Thomas aka TwisterMc says:

    We now added a new step into adding a comment. You now have to preview your comment before submitting it. Hopefully that helps spam deter bots.

  2. Ian says:

    If you haven’t got it yet I recommend spamwords & spaminator (about v1.02 for wp1.2). With these running my blog is roughly spam posted-10, spam stopped-3000.

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