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A piece of the Google puzzle?


As I’ve been watching my analytics, waiting for them to go back up, I noticed another big dip this weekend. Down to the lowest numbers I’ve seen ever for my site. 🙁

Now, I’ve only done two things recently:

  1. Updated my iTunes affiliate links to remove the link network links and add direct links to iTunes.
  2. Published a bunch of Instagram photos.

This leads me to wonder if when I do my batch of Instagram photos that Google is getting mad at all the content being generated at once. I back date everything for the day I took the picture and I’m wondering if that’s freaking out Google.

So, on a go forward, I’m going to try to post photos as soon as I take them. This is much easier now with Pressgram, but it will take some time to get the kinks all worked out. And I’ll still probably go back once or twice a week to add a bit more context to the posts, but this should stop Google from freaking out; if that’s their issue.

Hopefully it is because I can fix that. If not, then I’m back to looking for that missing puzzle piece that’ll make things better again.

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