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Firefox Extension Awards – Idea

I have a great idea. Someone should come up with the first ever Firefox Extension Awards. There are lots of extensions out there and this might be away to reward the creators and maybe get new people evolved. Now I don’t have the resources for something like this but maybe someone else does. We’d need room for hosting the polls, coming up with nominations, polling software, someone who wants to actually take the time and do it and prizes of course. 😀

Here are a few category ideas I had.
Best Version 1.0 and above extension – Some people have actually made it past 1.0 on extensions.
Best Under 1.0 extension – There are some great extensions out there that are just 0.2, like Autofill for example.
Most Needed – example Autofill, Spellbound, Adblock
Most Inventive – example easyGestures
Best Mac Extension
Best PC Extension – That is if there are only Mac and PC ones.
Best Application Extension – Like RSS readers or Media Players. Maybe Chat applications.
Best Tools – Like Web Developer
Best Tool Bar – Amazon, Google
Best Extension Site – Mozilla,

Those are my ideas. Hopefully someone can take them and run with them. I’ll take any ideas and feedback too. If no one does anything, maybe I’ll try and take the project on but I’m sure someone could do a much better job. 😉

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  1. Phill says:

    I would love to do that job.Unfortunatly I have less experince and resources then you do.

  2. Mark says:

    I had the same idea this morning for a sort of annual “Firefox extension Oscars” and looked around the Web to see if it was being done. I first found your post, and then thought, “this post has been here for 5 years but sadly no-one has started doing this yet”. Then I checked again and found but it seems this is not necessarily an annual thing but a major release number thing. Anyway, I am glad it exists but I would like to see an annual award like the Oscars, with categories such as you mention (I would also add “Best Source Code”) and I think it would encourage innovation and high standards among developers and a buzz of publicity and interest among the users. Perhaps we should write to people who organise this and encourage them to inject more life into these awards? 🙂

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