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Building Lily a Playset

Currently I’m working on building Lily a playset. Mainly it’s a stand for a slide, but I’m working on making it a bit more than that.

So far it’s a slide, tree climbing wall, and there is a shelf under it so she can play store/restaurant.

The best part is that we’ve got most everything for free. The slide and tree climbing wall was given to me by a co-worker, the 2x4s I got from the in-laws, and the plywood on top came from HomeDepot as free scraps. The only things I’ve had to buy so far are the 4x4s and screws.

Unfortunately I don’t have a clear plan that I’m working off of. I have one in my head, but it’s caused a few issues along the way. But it’s looking good now.

I have a ways to go as it at least needs a railing and I’d like to get some sort of cover on it. However, my handy skills aren’t the best so getting this far is an accomplishment for me!

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