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Chances of a white Christmas in Minnesota isn’t as likely as you’d think.

When you think of Minnesota, you think cold and snowy right? Turns out, having a white Christmas in Minnesota isn’t as likely as you think.

Minnesota White Christmas


According to the Minnesota DNR, the northern half of the state has 85-95% chance of a white Christmas where as the southern half of the state has a 60-75% chance. There is even a part of the state where chances are about 50/50.

I find this fascinating as when I grew up, the county I was in had a 75-80% chance of a white Christmas, but I always remember snow on Christmas. Now I live about three hours farther north and west of where I grew up and a white Christmas has chance dropped to 65-70%! That doesn’t seem like it should make sense does it?!

According to the Minnesota DNR, western Minnesota is typically warmer with west or southwest wind downsloping off the Buffalo Ridge. I never knew Buffalo Ridge existed, or that it created so much warmth, however it’s screwing up our chances for a white Christmas!

In the end, Christmas isn’t about the snow, and brown Christmas’ happen more often than we remember, but still, they sure are nice.

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