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It’s time to re-organize the blog.

digital mess

Starting today, I’m re-organizing everything. Over the years, it has become a mess of tags and categories and it’s about time to clean them out.

I’m going to delete a bunch of categories and convert some to tags. Then I’ll delete a bunch of tags. I just feel it’s unorganized right now. Good intentions, but it’s time to clean things up.

Granted, by taking some time and looking into re-organizing, I already found out that none of my tag pages are working! I’ll get that fixed up too.

I’m hoping that re-organizing posts will allow me to find things better and help visitors as well. There is a lot of great content that I’ve added over the years, and it’s time for some of that to be re-discovered.

Once that’s done, I hope to write more often. I know I’ve said this time and time again in the past, but I’m hoping I can get this back on track. Screw the rules, I just want to be writing again and¬†hopefully my randomness will help out others as it has in the past.

And no, this isn’t a New Year’s resolution. It just so happens that I stated it today.

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