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Good news, everyone is now a graphic designer.

As technology advanced it’s easier and easier to do things on your own. Like becoming your own graphic designer and creating advertisements for your company.

Take this postcard I got in the mail last week. How great is this?

Front of Postcard

Back of Postcard

If you know anything about graphic design, this will undoubtedly drive you nuts.

  • Comic Sans!
  • Black text on dark green trees.
  • Green text on green grass.
  • Varied font sizes.
  • No consistent paragraph spacing.

You have to hand it to company though as they made their own advertisements. It probably saved them a lot of money and they’ll probably do good business. I don’t see the lawn care industry as one isn’t going to care about the lack of consistency in font choices. Readability though is a concern.

Prices are pretty good though. If I was looking to hire someone to take care of my lawn, I bet they’d do a good job and that’s what really matters.

There is no such thing as bad publicity right?

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