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Lighting up the night with USB rechargeable led motion sensor lights.

I’ve recently become a big fan of rechargeable led motion sensor lights. I’ve got one at one end of the living room and it lights up the room enough for me not to run into something. I’ve got two on our stairs going to the basement and one on the stairs going upstairs. All I have to do is walk towards the light and it lights up.

I got the lights for two main reasons.

One, I want a little light at night and in the early morning so I don’t bump into things. I don’t need to flip on the lights, risking waking someone up. I just need enough light to see where I’m going.

Two, I wanted lights when my hands were full going up or downstairs. I don’t always have a free hand to flip a switch. Now I just walk towards the stairs and the lights come on.

Even better, the lights don’t turn on when it’s daylight, or when there are other lights on. It has a sensor to not only detect motion but also daylight.

The other really great feature about the lights I purchased is that they have built-in rechargeable batteries. They have a micro USB port and when they get low, I plug them in. Once charged, I move them back into place.

I’ve purchased two different sets of rechargeable led motion sensor lights. The first set was from Icicle and the second Zodiac. Zodiac’s price is half that of Icicle and I’m not sure why. They’re both super bright and have nearly the same battery life. I’d recommend both.

If you’re looking for a nightlight, these work well to light up a room. They are too bright though if you’re looking for something subtle. One of the hardest things is to find a good spot that doesn’t shine right in someone’s eyes. They need to be either low or out of direct view.

I’ve had great luck these USB rechargeable led motion sensor lights and I keep thinking of new places I can put more. If you want to light up a room when you walk in, I highly recommend them.

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