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Now With Improved Hosting

TwisterMc is back with all new and improved hosing. Due to some failures at ICDSoft, the last hosing company, I decided it was time to move. I have since moved over to A Small Orange hosting. For the same price I get a little more space, more bandwidth and a bunch more features. Plus, they do backups nightly and I’m able to connect to my site faster.

A Small Orange made the move over quite easy. They even offered to move my site for me. I didn’t take them up on that but I did have them move some email for me and they are quite nice around there with great support!

I think things are pretty much back up to normal around here. Everything seems to be working like it should. Some areas didn’t make it over because I decided to cut them out of the picture. Things like the gallery and the old wedding site have gone away.

Hopefully in the near future there will be a complete re-design to go with the new hosting. I’m kicking around a few ideas but nothing has been realized yet. Finding time is hard to do.

I hope they new hosing makes this site faster and more enjoyable. If you come across any errors or missing pages just let me know.

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