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Beauty and Technology in Austin Texas #WPESummit

Spray painted mural on side of building.
Austin Texas Street Art

I recently traveled to Austin Texas to attend the WP Engine Summit. While there, I had time to explore downtown and Austin is a beautiful, booming city.

I didn’t know a lot about Austin before I came, but it’s the third fastest growing city in the country according to Forbes magazine and it’s easy to see why. 

Everywhere I looked there were tech companies. Google, Facebook, Wp Engine, Atlassian, Indeed and so many more. There are skyscrapers going up everywhere and a ton of techies riding around on rented scooters. There’s a lot of energy in this town and it’s not your stereotypical Texas.

Google's Austin Offices
Google Austin

One of the things I liked was the architecture. The new buildings are very modern and yet the old buildings are seamlessly intertwined. It’s a great mix of the new and the old side by side. 

Even their library is a sight to see. It’s a beautiful building that has tons of style throughout. If you visit, climb the many stairs to the top where you can go out on the patio and enjoy the view. You can even just swing by, grab a seat, and relax on the wifi in the AC. This is so much more than a library. I highly recommend checking out Austin’s New Central Library.

Looking at all the stairs in the library.
Austin Library

There’s also a lot of artwork scattered around town. Could be on the side of a building, a statue at a hotel, or just a giant bird sitting out in a park. 

Giant bird statue.
Blackbird at Republic Square

I was very impressed by Austin. Being in technology, this is a city that has a lot to offer. What I don’t know is the story about how it got here and if this boom is sustainable. Some say that a few years ago, there were open fields where skyscrapers now stand. If they keep attracting technology companies and people, this city could become as expensive and crowded as Silicon Valley. However, if they can plan for the future, they could have an even more amazing city.

Old train tracks with vines growing on them.
Out with the trains, in with the tech.

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