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Photo a Day Challenge

Photo collage.

On January 1st I started a photo a day challenge and you can see my photos over at

I’m not following any sort of list or recommendations but rather just taking a photo a day.

Turns out that taking a photo a day is both easy and hard. Some days I see lots of things and take lots of pictures, others I forget about it until the last minute and have to find something at 10pm to take a photo of. Either way, I am enjoying it.

I also was using my photo a day it as a way to test out and see if it was any better than self hosted WordPress sites. Turns out it’s basically the same. I was hoping for more traffic from WordPress’ built in network, but nope. I also feel restricted by the theme options as I’m not overly a fan of the layouts I had available. Granted I’m sure I could change things more if I paid.

My goal is to make it though the year taking a photo a day and then we’ll see what’s next. I am enjoying the challenge and there’s a lot of good things to take photos of out there.

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