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Backblaze has been backing up my computer for 11 years now!

Backbaze logo on computer on desk

It’s hard to believe that 11 years ago I signed up for Backblaze and it’s been backing up my computer ever since.

Backblaze continues to sit in the background and just do its thing. I hardly even think about it. Every photo I import, every song or movie I download, every file we create on the computer automatically gets backed up.

I haven’t had to rely on Backblaze’s backups yet, but it’s nice to know that everything is securely stored on a drive outside my house.

Sure, I have local backups too, but if there is a fire, or my external hard drive goes bad, then all local backups are gone. With Backblaze, I’ve got a backup that’s always out there for me to get my digital life back.

If you don’t have backups, or only have local backups, you really should look into Backblaze.

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  1. mattdgregg says:

    I recently had a hard drive go out on me that had some stuff that wasn’t backed up. Now I have to get out the soldering iron and see if I can get the data back.

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