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Blogs are like email, gotta try them all.

I’ve decided that blogs are becoming like email. Everyone is giving out free accounts and it seems like there is always a new feature at one that another doesn’t have. So I end up having many different blogs where I play for a while and then forget about. I’ve tried Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, some SEO Blog, Yahoo 360 and SpyMac for blogging. The only one I haven’t tried is MSN Spaces. Personally I like my WordPress the most. Not having to rely on another site’s services works best for me. Granted that means that if anything goes wrong, I have to fix it. But, the freedom and flexibility of running a blog on my own site is the best option for me.

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  1. Robert says:

    I’ve yet to try WordPress, even though I hear it’s really top-notch. I’ve been with MT since it’s humble beginnings, and don’t know if I can break myself away from it. I have done an install of WP, but haven’t gotten around to seeing what it can really do as far as customization goes.

  2. Thomas says:

    I haven’t tried MT, however I once looked into it and it’s install seemed kind of complicated. Not sure if it really is though. 😉

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