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Strong Bad Blog and a Shredder

Since I’ve been busy busy on other projects lately, I thought I’d post quickly today with some random news.

First, I wrote Strong Bad and asked him if he, or Homestar, had a blog yet. I think it’d be very amusing and then I could just subscribe via RSS instead of actually going to the Homestar site. Hopefully he responds. 😉

Also, shredders are fun! We bought a cheap one at Walmart the other day and have been shredding documents like crazy! I’ve decided that I don’t need 1/2 of my old credit card bills and things like that so, in the shredder they go. The first night it overheated though. Boy we must have been working hard. It’s quite fun though.

Till later.

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  1. Thomas Mom says:

    Hi, I am just checking out the new site. Pretty spiffy. I am having some difficulty getting around however it is operator error not site error.

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