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You’ve got questions? They’ve got answers.

Ever have a question that you can’t seem to find the answer to? Well I found a site that you may be interested in. WonDir is a user controlled question and answer board. Just visit the site and ask any question you wish. Then wait for another person to answer it. Users like you not only ask questions, but answer them also. If you sign up for a free account, they will email you your answer when it’s available. You can ask anything from ‘Who won the 1975 world series?’ to ‘Does Australia have frogs?’. Pretty much any question goes.

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  1. Allen Searls says:

    I like how you describe us as a “user controlled question and answer board.” We’re also a bit more than a board, as we have a popular IM-response feature that gives us a live-interaction aspect too. Have you tried that, it’s called “WIM” for Wondir Instant Messenger. Anyway, I’ll definitely link or trackback to you from the Wondiring blog ( and subscribe to your feed. Did you see the post about us at the Online Marketing Blog? You used the same spelling WonDir w/ a capital “D” so thought that you may have seen us there. We may quote your post above at our main site if you don’t mind. Also, if you want to add your own custom Wondir-powered Q&A feature (tuned to the category of your choice) to your blog, you can. See an example at Just visit this page to grab the html: It’s really easy, with instructions on that page, etc, but feel free to ping me if you have any Qs. Then your blog-audience can ask and answer real-time questions with you from your blog. Anyway, glad to hear you’re enjoying Wondir’s free, live Q&A community. Let me know how we can make it still better and help it continue to grow organically.

    Take care,

    VP Community

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Allen-

    I’ll be sure check out your blog and the features you commented about. You are free to use my comments as you please too. Oh and I am the same Thomas that posted over at the Online Marketing Blog. 😉

  3. aloysius says:

    i need question paper for this ongoing exams

  4. Bond Hunter says:

    Seems my WonDir* (copyright Bond Hunter Inc. 2005) has caught on….

    Ya all might want to consider copyrighting it! 😉

    But to agree with Allen, Wondir is much more then a question board.

    Wondir seems to be evolving into a thriving community of caring people who are willing to taketime out of their busy
    schedules to help others.

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