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Goodbye 80s – Hello Jack?!

I hinted to it back in December, however I wasn’t quite right. It seems that the Twin Cities 80’s station, Mix 104.1, has switched formats and is now Jack FM. Instead of blasting 80’s music all the time they are now playing 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and todays music. Their website says “It’s like your iPod on shuffle”. I’ll have to tune in to see if that is true or not. Sorry 80’s fans, however 104.1 doesn’t seem to stay one format for long as it use to be a jazz station, an alternative station and now it used to be an 80s station.

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  1. Sierra says:

    Those bastards! Mix 104 was the only good station… and now we don’t even have an 80’s station. Why weren’t we warned?! I was listening to Mix 104 one night, then the next, I turn it on and hear some crappy ass song that wasn’t 80’s and I hear “JACK 104!” I was like… “YEAH, WE GOT JACKED ALRIGHT!”

  2. ROBERTA says:

    good call…captial WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…whatever happened to love is a battlefield or total eclipse of the heart?!?!?!?!?…im totally pissed!!!!!!!!!…WTF WTF WTF WTF

  3. Ron Gold says:

    I hear ya guys. But nobody warns us as listeners when the format will change. I used to work in radio at small market and other stations like 104 when it was “Rock 104, the Twin Cities rockin’ Best’ in the early 90’s. The only reason why I knew they changed formats then before it actually happened, was because(duhhh) i worked there. Lol. I can’t even remember what they changed to after “Rock 104”
    I think they went alternative. I grew up in the 80’s too and loved mix 104. Maybe we should look at the next Arbitron ratings when they are published in the paper, and take the lowest overall rated FM music stations, and see if we can all put a little pressure on the owning company to bring back all 80’s again! Who is with me on this? Let me know at [email protected]. Lets get all 80’s back on the air in Mpls/St paul!!!!!

  4. Stacy says:

    I like what Roberta says”WTF”!!!!! I love the eighties. It was a fun time and fun to listen to. I need my Madonna, Poision, Blondie, Prince, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Go-Go’s, The Bangles, Bon Jovi, etc. Where do we need to go to get this on the radio? I went to LA a few weeks ago and they have great 80’s stations. We need to catch up to them. The eighties are back!!!

  5. Thomas says:

    Maybe you should start with some sort of internet radio broadcast or Podcast to get your new 80s station started.

  6. Aaron Goldberg (RON GOLD) says:


    I think we need to start a petition or something like that, and present it to stations like 107.1, Zone 105.1, .3, and .7, and other less than greatly rated FM station, then we need to also PROVE to them advertisers will benefit from an 80’s format, then need to prove it to the owner(s), companies, or whatever, of these stations. I know it sounds like alot of work, but in radio its all about money and advertisers. If a group of us could do all that, we could convince another station here in the Twin Cities to maybe go to all 80’s.

    After all, Zone 105 could have ALOT better ratings, for example, with an all 80’s format. And 107.1 has some cheesy-ass talk programming that utterly sucks.

    Personally, I would love to start my own 80’s station, and use my past radio broadcst experience to make it go. The problem, at least the biggest problem, is finding investors, then having to go through all the red tape with the FCC to get a frequency, if one is even available. I know what you mean about other cities and 80’s too. I have been through alot of cities in the US, Aand frankly Mpls/St Paul BLOWS compared to other cities for radio! Sad but true.

    I share your frustration! WTF!!!! I’m all with ya!!!

  7. Aaron Goldberg (RON GOLD) says:

    Also,Stacy or whoever, if you would like to start a petition with me and get a big group of use to get signatures, email me at [email protected] or [email protected].

  8. Aaron GOldberg (Ron Gold) says:

    Good point Thomas. I have seriously considered that as an option. I have no idea how to get something like that started though. I know,obiously, a domain for starters. Then I’d have to figure a way to bring in $$, make sure everything is on the up and up with ASCAP, a good software program that will trransmit quality audio, like OtsDJ or something. Beyong that ???? Any suggestions that I am missing??

  9. Aaron Goldberg says:

    Hey everyone….I found a good answer maybe. has some good potential to get things started. My station would be ALL 80’s jsut like mix104 was. None of these “Jack 104” station playing a hodgepoge of music. Think it may be a good idea. Anyone willing in helping me pay for it? Wecould all find a way to make it a good investment for everyone.

  10. radio gnome says:

    hey guys, please check out my “mostly 80’s college radio” influenced Live365 station, radio hidebound. Lots of good stuff there, I’ve been told .

  11. Aaron says:

    I will check it out for sure! Thanks!

  12. Mike says:

    This sucks and I thought mix 104 was one of the most listened to radio stations? any1 no where lisa wright went? let me know [email protected]

  13. Aaron Goldberg says:


    I heard from some of my friends still in the business that she also teaches at Brown Institute in Mendota Heights. Might wanna check there,. She may still be there, not certain though.

  14. Aaron says:

    Radio gnome-

    Where exactly do I find your station? I assumed it was on since you said it was influenced by there. Cannot find it there though.

  15. NOBODY says:

    Ha – I love it! Where the heck is their website? Aaron – have you been listening? It at 104 FM

  16. Thomas says:

    Has anyone checked out ShoutCast? I use it to pay radio though iTunes. Yes, even 80s stations. 😉

  17. Aaron says:


    I don’t understand you question. ‘Aaron-have you been listening? It at 104 FM??’

    Have I been listening to what? Yes, I listen to Jack 104 sometimes, mostly 89.3 The Current and Zone 105. Listen to lots of online radio also. I am a talk radio junkie too, listen mostly to Air America Minnesota, am 950 KTNF.

  18. Chris says:

    I’ve just read everyone’s complaints about 104’s change. I thought I should write something nice. I love that they play whatever they want and the variety is awesome. It’s so great that other stations are starting to copy them on the weekends. They call it the “anything goes” weekend a.k.a. Jack 104. Thank you for giving me something different to listen to.

  19. radio gnome says:

    hi Aaron, radio hidebound can be found on the college genre page (usually around #10) on Live365, but the easiest to find us is via


  20. Aaron says:

    Hi, I will give it a listen! Thanks!

  21. Chase says:

    Yeah! What’s their deal anyway? I’m in Hong Kong at the moment, but when I lived near the cities I used to look forward to listening to some rockin 80s music as I drove. One day I turned to mix 104.1 and I heard those stupid a$$ JACK FM commercials. With that monotonous-voiced man. I heard him all summer long in Chicago. I was like, what’s going on in this world?

  22. Thomas says:

    Internet Radio. Get all your music there. 😉

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