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Mac OS 10.4 – Tiger

Mac OS X
10.4 – Tiger

Mac OS X.4 (Tiger) is just days away and I’m getting all excited. I’m planing on going to the Apple store on Friday to get me a copy. My wife may come too to keep me company and tell me how crazy I am. 😉

With 200+ new features, I decided to name the top ones I’m most looking forward to.

– Smart folders in Smart folders are like saved searches. Just create a folder and tell it to only contain emails where the sender contains “” Then all messages that come from will get put into this folder. Not moved from the inbox, or anyplace else they may be stored. Just linked to. Just like labels in Gmail or Saved Searches in Thunderbird

Spotlight. The search that finds anything on my hard drive. From emails, to files and even text in PDF files. Should be a lot of fun.

Dashboard. I love widgets! They sound really handy and I’ve seem some cool demos of them at

– Smart Folders in the Finder. How cool?! Smart folders rock.

– HTML in Mail. Finally. Since Outlook can’t read rich text, I can now send HTML email.

– Safari Inline PDF Viewing. About time. No more plug-in for that feature.

– Safari RSS reader. I’m excited for it because it’s new, however I’m not sure how well it will work compared to Firefox. We’ll see soon.

– RSS Visualizer Screen Saver. Now that sounds like fun. I’ve seen demos and it it’s one trippin’ way to view RSS feeds.

Automater, the personal robot. He’s like a smart folder from what I know. Tell him what to do and then he’ll do it. Apple says “You can easily automate tasks such as renaming a large group of files, resizing dozens of images to fit an iPhoto slideshow or creating iCal birthday events using Address Book contacts, then repeat those tasks again and again.”

What I’m most looking forward to is those who have to much free time on their hands. They’ll make some great Automater actions and we’ll have so many Dashboard widgets that it’ll be great. Plus developers will re-work their programs to take advantage of some of the new OS features like the new Core Image graphic processing.

I just have to wait a few more days. 😀

For those of you who can’t make it to an Apple store, you may want to check out Amazon. They are selling Mac OS 10.4 with a $30 mail in rebate. May take a little longer to get (a few days) but you also get a rebate.

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  1. Julie says:

    If you want to see Tiger and really get your questions answered, go to the FirstTech event on Friday night from 6pm – 9pm in Uptown. See you there!

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