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Set Your Dashboard Widgets Free

If you have Mac OS 10.4 you have Dashboard and probably have one wish: Let the widgets be free! Well a new little application called Amnesty is out in beta form. It allows you to run a copy of your widgets separate from Dashboard on your desktop. I just installed it and it seems to be working well. Check it out and free your widgets.

Update: I seemed to have internet issues this morning and I believe it had to do with Amnesty. I couldn’t connect to web pages every time. My browser even said Apple couldn’t be found! I’m not sure if Amnesty doesn’t do well after waking up from sleep, or being on for hours or what, but it was causing internet interruptions. It is still in beta and does work, just watch out and see if you have internet issues. If you do, quit it.

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  1. dave says:

    My friend just got the new Mac operating system. He does not stop talking about how wonderful it is. This from a person who usually smailes and says hello. Wish we could do that about XP.

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