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Yahoo & MSN in iChat

I’ve found two tutorials on how to add and buddies to your application. It works with iChat 3 found in Mac OS 10.4. Apple added to iChat which opens doors to adding in Yahoo and MSN abilities. Granted, it’s only chat. I don’t believe that any file transfers, mail notifications or anything like that work. Just plain and simple instant messaging. I haven’t tried it myself as I’m a big fan of , however I may give it a try some day just to see it work. There are two tutorials to check out. One at Cafe Macs Lounge which looks simpler and one at All Forces Blog which is more in depth with pictures and such. Both do the same thing, and probably do it the same way, it’s just that one has pictures and more details. 😉

If you get it to work let me know.

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  1. hedi regaya says:

    it works for me (the first time)
    but then it didnt work at all! when i open ichat i donnot see anymore my msn and icq contacts online 🙁

    thanks for the links anyway

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