I’m a big fan of and yesterday I got a few Firefox related gifts. First, my boss gave got me a Firefox mug. It’s really sweet with the Firefox name on one side and the logo on the other. Then, when I got home last night, there was a package from the Foundation. Inside I found a Firefox pen, which lights up red, and a commemorative, 25 million downloads, Firefox coin. I got those two free for my work with SpreadFirefox.com. All I really did was spread the word about this great browser and help family and friends convert over to it. 🙂

Basically, if you don’t already know, Firefox is an alternative to the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. is free, fast, more secure and very customizable with extensions and themes. It’s built by people who really love the project and they make every effort to keep you safe and your browsing experience enjoyable.

Thank you Lee and the Mozilla Foundation!!

Firefox pen coin and mug