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Who will save Fireworks?

A few weeks ago we go the news, is to acquire . As the deal gets closer to completion, I’m reading reports that Adobe may just drop some of the beloved Macromedia applications.

Now I’m pretty sure that all Adobe cares about is . Seeing as Flash killed their application years ago. However, reports state that may replace GoLive. I guess that’s OK as I can’t use with those stupid site files. I like complete access to my files thank you!

My fear is for . This application is the only image editing, vector and bitmap, design program I use. It’s so easy to use and the bitmap vector integration is great. Plus non-damaging filters (you can turn them on and off even after you apply them), automatic layer creations and slices that just work. I believe Fireworks to be a web design program and Photoshop to be a print design program. Two totally different programs. But who will save Fireworks? Adobe may sell it off and I don’t know who would be a good buyer. Good news is that I think I can still live with Fireworks MX 04 for a few years if I had to. Yearly updates to the Adobe / Macromedia products just seem stupid anyways. What can you really add but bug fixes?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I hate waiting. Of course there is also Director, Freehand, Cold Fusion, Contribute and others to worry about. I guess is safe if Adobe keeps Dreamweaver as they go hand in hand.

There are just to many unanswered questions out there still.

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  1. I like Fireworks too, but also use Adobe Photoshop to generally create graphics. I find Fireworks is very good at modifying stuff and creating general web stuff. Who wants to wait for Photoshop to start.
    Macromedia stuff tend to be very fast and have low overheads, photoshop on the other hand takes a little while to start on this PC which is a dual Opteron 248 with 2gb of ram! lol

    long live fireworks!

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