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I wanna talk about me!

I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, wanna talk about #1 on… Opps. Sorry. Toby Keith got stuck in my head. 😉

Just wanted to put a few ME updates out there. Things I haven’t blogged about yet and probably don’t interest many people.

First off, I own my car! Took about five years, but I own a 2000 Ford Focus. It was really exciting to pay it off and not have to worry about that payment anymore. However after five years things break. I’ve had enough car fix ups in the past month or two that I’m good for a while. Or so I hope.

I also got glass’ a few weeks ago. They are nothing to major, however they make things clearer. I’m not required to wear them but they are nice. Actually, yesterday I forgot to wear them all day. They are taking some getting use to, however I do like them.

I guess those are the only two at the moment. There are many many other things I plan to blog about in the future, however I’m keeping busy with the new house. Which I’m loving. 😀

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