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Rain, Wind and Garbage [updated]

Big storms rolled though early this morning and brought with them a lot of excitement. The power flickered, we had pea sized hail, very strong winds and heavy rain. It rained so hard it was hard to see the neighbors house. Course we were worried about our garbage as it was on the curb for pickup and it moved. It seems that the water was moving so fast down the side of the streets that it picked up and turned over our garbage and recycling canisters. It also moved about five bags of grass clippings own next to, and under, the neighbors car.

Luckily no damage though. We did get two inches of rain and I’m happy I cleaned out the gutters yesterday as they were filthy.

The fun of weather. 🙂

[updated] I just got home from my drive to work and back. It seems that half of the town I work in, along with half of my town, doesn’t have power. Since I have it at home and not the office, I’m working from home.

Along the way the roads were littered with leaves and branches. I even saw some in power lines. There was up-rooted trees, standing water and utility trucks everywhere. Sad thing is, it could happen again tonight!

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